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Selgri is a free independant apps and ebooks publisher, trying to promote artists and storys with a modern vision of entertainement:

Feed the Zoo
Apple app. Visit this crazy Zoo and feed the animals with the right food. You will hear funny sounds and music. A game for children, parents and curious passers-by.
Concept: Aljoscha Blau, Frederic Vartanian - Illustration: Aljoscha Blau
Music: Ellen Holck, Gordon Bannier - Technical realisation: Cyberline
Available on the App Store (January 2013)

Meggi, Mitzekatze
eBook. Story about a small cheecky cat adopted by Grand'Ma and Pa. A nice tale to read and pursue in your dreams.
Story: Ingeborg Kazek. Illustration: Julia Grigorieva
Coming soon (Q4 2014)

Der Lottogewinn
eBook. For more grown up (15. or so?), follow our poor hero looking for a job, with beer and saussage in his pockets and winning one day at the lottery. Guess what he would he do...
Story: Jan Soltkahn - Illustration: Natascha Welz
Coming soon (Q3 2014)

Am Anfang
eBook. Theater. A philosophical dialog between Adam and God trying to find some answers to questions that we always have, full of poetic and word plays.
Author: Robert Vartanian
Coming soon (Q1 2015)